Evolight 0.5l. The Evolution of Lightweighting


To create a half-liter still water bottle able to satisfy both, consumers who are even more demanding in terms of green packaging, and bottlers, who pay great attention to keeping production costs down. As well as including an element that is essential for PET Engineering: the final quality of the bottle and easy in-line implementation.


The combined engineering of bottle preform and design as well as the application of patented technologies, such as Swerve neck and the new 26/22 neck finish developed by Husky Injection Molding Systems, resulted in EvoLight, the new bottle weighing only 7.5g, the 31.5% less than the average container of the same size currently on the market. The geometric design making up the structure of Evolight, consisting of a network of semicircles extending over the whole surface of the bottle, not only acts as a decorative element but also guarantees that when the container is subjected to mechanical stress the forces are evenly distributed.

With a full vertical top load (crash) value of more than 200 N the container is in fact rigid and sturdy despite the reduced weight. This value increases by 30% when EvoLight is filled with nitrogen. The nitrogen develops internal pressure and tends to make the bottom popout; Sunbase, PET Engineering’s patented solution, prevents a rocker bottom forming to guarantee a container that is stable and feasible in the line.

Using Novapet’s resin X_TREME has enabled a perfect balance to be obtained between reduced weight and visual effect.

Thanks to its innovative structure, EvoLight can also be blown with standard PET and with recycled materials.

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