PET Engineering for the first Yake Food Brand Water Product


On January 12 in Zhengzhou, strategic city for the food and beverage sector located in the central plains of the People’s Republic of China, was held the conference to launch the first brand dedicated to the mineral water of Yake Food, a leader in the candy industry.

Among the 500 entrepreneurs and business partners present was Moreno Barel, C.E.O. of PET Engineering, who was invited to present the packaging chosen by Yake Food for its “Changbai Springs” brand, premium water that comes from the emerging need expressed by Chinese consumers to use more and more high quality products.

In a market like the Chinese one – said Moreno Barel- the association of a quality product and a container with strong shelf-appeal is the key to a secure and lasting success. Yake Food, after a careful analysis of the competitors, decided to be aside the economic waters on the market, with a current market price of 2 yuan per a half liter bottle, and propose higher quality water at 3 yuan per half liter, in a packaging that materializes and transmits this premium quality. Therefore, from the very first meeting Mr. Chen Hua Sheng, General Manager of Yake food, chose 1851, a registered model which has already won many awards.”

1851, presented at Drinktec 2013, got the attention of bottlers for having launched an ambitious challenge to glass, the material normally used in the HO.RE.CA. sector and, more generally, for all premium products. The packaging was born from the idea of ennobling the PET through a precious design and a glass-like finish that would make possible its association to the concepts of elegance, character and refined simplicity while keeping it as affordable, unbreakable and lightweight as ever.

Yake Food chose 1851 especially for the natural correspondence between the message that it communicates and the brand strategy choice for the water “Changbai Springs”: the three-dimensional decoration recalls the regular shapes and geometrically perfect ice crystals easily associated to the idea of purity that the same Yake Food has placed at the center of their communication message so that “Changbai Springs” will over time be seen as the “first morning glass of water”.

The registered design of 1851, now licensed to Yake Food, which will be used over the whole territory of the People’s Republic of China, received during 2014 and 2015 a number of awards, including the prestigious Oscar dell’Imballaggio 2015 for Quality Design and the World Star Award, the highest international award in packaging.

It has been an honor working with PET Engineering in the development of the bottle for “Changbai Spring” – said Mr. Chen Hua Sheng – it has become the focus of attention since it was launched. First of all, we like the bottle internally, the experts of the industry fancy the bottle too, but more importantly, the bottle has managed to get the appreciation of distributors and consumers, which has given us great confidence. Thanks PET Engineering for the bottle design of this project”.

Modello 1851 awarded with:

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  • Luxury Packaging Awards 2014
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