Tuborg Green: a new packaging developed by PET Engineering

Characterized by a light color and the well-known mild, fresh taste and aroma, loved for its purity and drinkability, Tuborg is recognized worldwide as the historic premium lager beer.

The brand has always positioned itself close to the youth culture, where dynamism, fun and freedom are the watchwords thus resulting in the perfect beer to enjoy with friends. Not surprisingly, Tuborg has been the official sponsor for many world-wide famous Music festivals since 1979. 

Tuborg beer is available in many different varieties to satisfy all beer lovers tastes and it’s sold in 72 countries with great success in Europe and Russia and it is precisely for the Russian variant of Turbo Green that Baltika Breweries, part of Carlsberg Group, asked PET Engineering collaboration. Starting from the concept of the historic bottle shared by the customer, the technical team of PET Engineering developed the PET 1.35L version.

What comes to the eye and worth mentioning is the Tuborg high-relief writing positioned in the upper part of the bottle, which has been carefully studied by the technical team. Moreover, no additional colorant or additives were used in the packaging development to make the recycling easier. In addition to upsizing and engineering, PET Engineering took care of the prototyping and subsequent laboratory tests, finally supplying the requested moulds series to Baltika.

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