The 3L beer bottle by Germanuli

In Georgia, beer is more than a simple drink, it represents a lifestyle, a moment to get together and have a good time!
ARGO embodies all these values at the fullest.

Recently the customer asked our team to work on a new important project: the engineering and industrialization of a big format – a 3.0L Bottle for Germanuli, another relevant beer brand in Argo’s portfolio.

An exclusivity for the Georgian Market, according to the product brief sent by the customer the new Packaging is appealing consumers belonging to different age groups.

The biggest challenge, which happened to be also the most important characteristic of the project, was the engineering and development of such a big format taking into consideration marketing requests, production limits and feasibility.
The project was then completed with the manufacturing and delivery of a set of blow moulds for a KHS machine, allowing the customer to launch the production immediately, giving to consumers the possibility to enjoy Germanuli beer in record time. “


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