Ramlösa: Natural purity, quality and refreshing enjoyment


PET Engineering has collaborated  with Stockholm-based agency NINE to develop the new packaging for Ramlösa, the famous and globally recognised Swedish mineral water brand. The purpose of the project was to develop 33cl, 50cl and 150cl containers that could, on the one hand, meet the strict technical requirements of the customer’s production department and, on the other, use a single 3D object to express the brand’s values, namely natural purity, quality and refreshing enjoyment.


The concept was developed by Nine and engineered by PET Engineering’s technical team of PET experts, who developed a high performance packaging solution that’s also easy to handle, easy to grip and that remains stable on the production line, on the shelf and during use. PET Engineering was also involved with the manufacturing of the container, providing six series of moulds for the production of the packaging.

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