Efes Georgia, a new packaging for the top Brand Natakhtari


After commissioning PET Engineering to restyle the packaging for Kozel and Kaiser in 2014, as well as the new design for their most recently launched brand, HerrenhauserEfes Georgia has decided to entrust the San Vendemiano-based company with the creation of the new bottle for Natakhtari, their top brand.

Natakhtari, leader in the Georgian market, suffered a downfall in sales in 2014 due to high competitive environment and numerous new brand launches. This led Efes Georgia to decide to focus on a new packaging to reinforce the perceived quality of the product by associating the quality of the content with the quality of the container.


PET Engineering’s multidisciplinary team have been able to work on the project side by side with the Technical Director and Marketing Director of Efes Georgia directly within the San Vendemiano technological centre. This has allowed for all technical and aesthetic needs to be taken into consideration, evaluated and resolved quickly and efficiently thanks to the combined skills of designers and engineers.

Furthermore, thanks to the rapid prototyping service, it has been possible to progress from the design on paper to the blown bottle in less than 24 hours. The result is a high-performance bottle which can be immediately implemented into the bottling line, and which is in line with the brand’s portfolio of products thanks to a design based on the brand’s image of a crown.

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