Lurisia Bolle & Stille: iconicity guiding design

Nowadays, packaging is required to be a meaningful object able to create a union between product and consumer, between values ​​and needs, between brand and collective imagination.

Lurisia has made this vision its own, and because of the necessity to keep intact the distinctive and iconic nature of its packaging, at the base of the relationship with the end user, the collaboration with PET Engineering was born, to transfer values ​​and shapes from the version in glass to the equivalent versions in plastic for both Stille, for still mineral water, and Bolle, with added carbon dioxide from a natural deposit.

The PET packaging version, developed in the 0.5l format, presented a complex challenge for PET Engineering’s technical team: to imitate the champagne base used in the glass bottle having at its disposal not a preform designed ad hoc but a preform already present in the market. The use of a dedicated preform would have allowed a perfect distribution of the material on the base which, reinforced, would have been able to bare the internal pressure due to the carbonation, thus avoiding the rocker bottom effect. This phenomenon, in addition to constituting an “aesthetic” defect, creates a series of problems related to the stability of the bottle in line and on the table.

In addition to the difficulty of having to use a standard preform already in the market, there was the absolute need that the two versions for still and sparkling water were morphologically identical in order, not only to preserve the distinctive packaging of Lurisia, but also to use the same series of moulds for their production.

The design therefore started from the most complex container: the sparkling bottle. In order to obtain a reproduction as faithful as possible to the glass version with champagne base, the team decided to modify the existing market preforms to make them more suitable for the purpose and, at the same time, redesigning the lower area of ​​the container and its deformation due to the internal pressure: a voluntary but controlled deformation. The deformation itself, gives rise to a profile that reproduces the glass version, able to imitate the sinuous and elegant shape.

The new Bolle and Stille bottles in PET therefore fit consistently into the Lurisia portfolio, maintaining the iconicity and identity signed by Sottsass Associati.

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