Lejla: Water of Love

Lejla is a pure, crystalline water from the Trebević Mountain and its underground springs, which are protected from pollution and immersed in unspoilt natural surroundings. The water’s composition makes it suitable for everyone and takes care of everybody’s day-to-day well-being.

The message that inspired the packaging for this new brand launched by Sarajevska Pivara, the historical brewery established in 1864, is based on the fact that this water is good for you, or, as the brand’s tagline states, a “Water of love”.

The concept behind the bottle was to emphasise this message of love and staying healthy, which is why its shape brings to mind a strong embrace, protecting not just the water itself, as it springs
up fresh and pure from hidden and well-preserved places, but also the end consumer, for whom water is vital for protection, glass after glass.

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