Karmadon’s new look

Karmadon’s new packaging really stands out thanks to its discreet and well-balanced restyling. This new packaging was presented to the Russian market in January 2018.

Karmadon, a member of Aryana Group, is one of Russia’s top 5 most well-known mineral water brands. This company asked PET Engineering to modernise the decorations and label on its packaging, at the same time as maintaining the key elements of the brand’s identity, allowing customers to instantly recognise it on the shelf.

PET Engineering’s proposal focuses on the decoration towards the top of the bottle, bringing to mind the lively flow of water from the mineral springs of the Karmadon gorge, located to the north-west of Mount Kazbek. For the label, on the other hand, the image of the mountain goat used on the previous version was reworked, making it more realistic. The label’s other elements were also resized in order to make it more legible and airy.

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