A new Corporate Shape for Efes Russian Brands

A single mould with infinite customization possibilities: that’s what you get with ITM, PET Engineering’s solution that makes clever use of inserts. This solution allowed Efes Rus to launch three new PET bottles at a low cost and with an even more modest investment expected in the future.

The new shape of the Efes Rus brands, Gold Mine BeerStary Melnik e Zolotaya Bochka, is unique and distinctive at the same time as offering flexibility, thanks to the fact that the appearance and format of the bottles can now be easily altered using interchangeable inserts with the original mould: this means that it is always possible to insert new decorations, to alter their size compared to the surface of the bottle, to move and resize the label area and, last but not least, to alter the capacity of the bottle by approximately 5%, depending on end users’ changing consumption patterns.

A single shape that’s able to create infinite variants, all with low implementation costs: in fact, Efes Rus will no longer have to buy new mould sets if they want to revamp the image of their products. Instead, they’ll just need a simple insert, generating a saving that’s just as significant as the variety of different alternatives that can be implemented using the original mould. What’s more, despite the alterations to the bottle’s general appearance, its shape and overall dimensions remain the same, meaning that expensive interventions to change formats on the production line will no longer be necessary. Such interventions would previously have involved costs for the design, implementation and installation of the different machine parts necessary to process a brand-new container.

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