The new 1.5l packaging for Epsa: a complete integration within the existing portfolio

EPSA SA, the multi awarded Greek company created in Agria in 1924, entrusted PET Engineering with the development of a 1.5l packaging for its colaorangeade and lemonade that could blend in with the rest of the family range made of 232ml glass bottles, 330ml thin cans and 330ml PET bottles.

Our design translates EPSA brand equity, that makes these carbonated soft drinks particularly appealing to all those who seek high quality and superior taste, while allowing for a complete integration of the new format within the existing portfolio without altering the technical parameters of the PET production line, asspecifically requested by the company.

The new 1.5l PET bottle embodies the taste of tradition with a lighter and 100% recyclable material thanks to the similarity to the glass bottle designed in 1939. Keeping its modern and unique shape, with the engraved rhombus, to commemorate the Golden Award of Quality acquired in 1937, the new packaging reinforces the recognizability of the brand, which has kept its original values throughout the years becoming a benchmark all over Greece, exporting over 25 countries, maintaining as well its recognition on the shelf.

The project included the bottle validation and the blow moulds supply for a Krones Contiform C310.

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