Beltè: a Natural Packaging


More and more the trend that guides consumers when buying food & beverage products is the research of natural tastes, without preservatives and food coloring; first of all they have a look at the ingredients, then at the material the packaging is made of.

Nestlé Vera has met the needs of its customers through a real product innovation, Beltè with Infused Fruit. The infusion is a natural process that allows lemon and peach to free all their flavors, giving freshness and goodness to iced tea.

How to convey this brand idea in a liter and a half packaging making it recognizable on the shelves?



The concept proposed by P.E.T. Engineering is a tall and slender bottle with a square section, immediately recognizable in a context of short bottles with round sections.

The result, also from a visual point of view, puts together marketing goals with aesthetics.

The label transmits a sense of genuineness and goodness. Furthermore the label, simply attached to the wide grip area, allows a constant physical contact between the brand and

the consumer.

The stylized tea leaves on the shoulder and on the lower part of the bottle are a key element that gives graphical continuity to the spirit of the brand.

Overall, the pack is the complete fulfillment of the promise of offering simple and natural pleasures: the delight of relaxing outdoors, the taste of good things.

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