Baltika Breweries: the new wood-like bottle

Baltika Breweries, part of Carlsberg Group, and PET Engineering continued their long-lasting collaboration developing a new bottle for KEDRWOOD, important beer brand in the portfolio of the Russian Group.

KEDRWOOD project involved the engineering and industrialization of a 1,35L beer PET bottle and the supply of 5 blow mould sets for 5 bottling sites.

The biggest challenge for PET Engineering’s team was to transform the creative and structural packaging concept shared by the customer into a feasible solution. Indeed, the request intended to have a wood-like texture decoration on the lower part of the bottle along with the detailed embossed brand logo. It is worth noting that PET used for KEDRWOOD beer packaging doesn’t contain additives or coloring substances thus being recyclable. Baltika Breweries uses only recyclable packaging for its beers and pays a lot of attention to this matter. Indeed, it aims at granting the reprocessing of at least 58% of the total PET bottles launched by the company on the market by 2022. This is why the project development required the effective collaboration of both companies’ teams.

The result obtained was a PET bottle 100% compliant with the initial request.

Thanks to the extensive experience in packaging engineering and the perfect teams working synergy, PET Engineering was able to complete the bottle development and deliver all the blow mold sets in a very tight timing making possible to launch the production in time. An exceptional result considering 2020’s worldwide contingent situation.



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