5l Aqua Minerale. A Full Service for PEPSICO


Lightening Pepsico’s 5l container for Aqua Minerale, one of the most important brands in the field of bottled waters along the Russian territory.

Implementing also the new design on the bottling line after changing the neck finish from 48mm to 38 mm and the modification of the section of the container, due to the new design of the bottle.


PET Engineering, thanks to the skills of the multidisciplinary team involved in the project, developed a light-weighted container with high performances and a weight of 65g, offering a weight reduction of 19.8% if compared to the previous version with 85 g. A 38 mm neck was applied to the container, with 4.6g less than the 48 mm previously used by Pepsico, which required the intervention of the Business Unit of PET Engineering dedicated to Engineering services and, more precisely, to neck finish conversions. Going from 48 mm to 38 mm, due to the dimensional variation of the internal and external diameter and the height, implied the replacement of all the mechanical parts in contact with the new neck in all the machines of the bottling line.

PET Engineering was responsible for the design, production and installation of those parts for the blow molding machine, rinser, filler, capper, labeler and case packer. The new section of the container was possible thanks to the supply of stars and guides which eased the transport of the new bottle from one machine to the next.

This complete service, from the design of the container to its implementation, showed that PET Engineering embodies all the solutions: from the optimization of the preform, the design of the container, to the format change and the neck finish conversion.

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