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Targeting Brand Engagement with packaging

Even though it is a complex element, packaging represents a communication tool with specific functions. Such functions are distinguished based on its application and performance (for storage, protection and transport), and also on its accessibility, due to its capacity to be a link that favors the interaction between the end user and the product.

The efficiency of packaging has improved over time and its communication functions have been further developed and enhanced: packaging represents now a bridge between products and consumers, between values and needs, between a brand and collective imagination. That is why packaging has now become one of the most important tool from a communication and brand point of view.

Managing all its features and balancing its application/performance-communication functions enable developing a highly performing and efficient container from a marketing point of view.

This is what we do here at PET Engineering every day.


«Packaging is understood as a container, an item and a means of communication: our job is to balance its functions and our mission is to turn it into a useful tool for the brand».

Moreno Barel