The latest news from Packaging Innovators

The latest news from Packaging Innovators

A new identity for Mineré, the Thai brand of Nestlé

After having successfully worked during the last years with Nestlé in Italy for Levissima brand, we were asked to premiumize Mineré, Nestlé leading mineral water brand in Thailand.

The scope of the project was to give the brand and its packaging, both on the visual and structural side, a refresh and an update in the direction of premiumization. The new label and packaging needed to better reflect the purity and the richness of precious minerals as well as its 27,000-year journey through layers of rocks and sand from Northern and Western Thailand.

The concept for the new packaging takes inspiration from the luxuriant waterfalls in the pristine rainforests where Mineré flows, with its transparency among vibrant green native leaves. All this created the backgrounds for the center of gravity of the whole label: the Mineré brandmark. The decoration on the label and the one in the lower part of the bottle, that recalls the jumps of water that one after the other plunge into a deep lake of fresh water, captures both the naturally refreshing feeling and the crystal-clear purity of this natural alkaline mineral water.

The decoration also stiffens the bottle against the wobbling effect that can appear when light-weighting, the 500 ml bottle weights 13.5g, warm filling and cold chain come together as Mineré is sold in refrigerators in supermarkets and cafés.

As well as designing the packaging, this project also involved the prototyping of labels, to make sure the see-through effect with the logo in the front and the waterfall at the back worked properly, the bottle prototyping and laboratory tests to check if the bottle was in compliance with the technical requirements and the supply of a set of 30 moulds for a Krones machine.

Minere water Thailand by PET Engineering