Go Green

Go Green: Lighter, cost-effective and safer for the environment

Lighter, cost-effective and safer for the environment without sacrificing aesthetics and handling: this is the Go Green service, but also the Feasible Lightweight design criterion that, from the symbiotic design of the preform and container, gives life to ultra light, cost-effective, eco-friendly and efficient bottles that are easy to be implemented on the bottling line.

Our complete lightweight program consists of:

/ Studying and optimising the preform design;
/ Studying the material (RPET or biomass) and testing its mechanical performance;
/ Designing the container;
/ Developing the pilot mold;
/ Sample prototyping;
/ Lab tests to verify the mechanical performance of the new container;
/ Designing and implementing the machine parts needed to convert the thread and to change the format;
/ Creating blow molds and starting up the production line for the new container.

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