Equipment: quick and efficient production and minimum downtime

The implementation of the new container on the production line, using Made in Italy blow molds and components, together with the highly specialized skills of our technicians ensure a quick and efficient production and minimum downtime. 

Blow Moulds

PET Engineering manufactures moulds for every type of container and blowing machine, ensuring rapid deliveries in accordance with high technical and quality parameters. An efficient quality control system guarantees that the blow moulds meet the quality parameters required by the client. 


/ Blow mould series

/ Surface Treatments

/ Texture, logos and decorations

/ Manteinance and moulds retrofitting

/ Spare parts 

Line Conversions

The service enables the rapid deployment of new threads and new shapes on bottling lines through the design, construction and installation of the machine parts to be modified by virtue of the changed dimensions and geometries. 


/ Neck Finish Conversion

/ Format Change