Design: distinctive, shelf-appealing and feasible shape

Through the analysis of the market and brand values a product is developed to face the business with its shelf competitors, thanks to a distinctive, shelf-appealing shape which is industrially feasible and which can be developed through a preform that is either available on the market or custom-built. 


The quality of a bottle, its aesthetic appearance and its techanical performance, also passes through a correct design of the preform, ie an item that, once blown, becomes a bottle, and through the quality of the material with which it is developed. 


/ Check of existing preforms

/ Check of materials

/ Preform Design 


Packaging is one of the brand's service tool capable of making visible the marketing strategy to the final consumer. Precisely for its ability to create a daily interaction between brand, product and consumer, the packaging must be coherent in every single element and, in the case of a packaging for the beverage and for the food sector, it should be coherent with regards to the container, label, cap and secondary packaging. 


/ Strategic Analysis

/ Container, label, cap , secondary packaging Design

/ Rendering and Video-rendering

/ Technical Table and 3d Model

/ Mock-up (3D printing, Plexiglass, labels and secondary packaging)