PET Engineering has created the packaging for “Le Linfe”, the new brand extension of Acqua Vitasnella

PET Engineering has created the packaging for “Le Linfe” by Acqua Vitasnella
Le Linfe Vitasnella Ferrarelle PET Engineering
Le Linfe Vitasnella Ferrarelle PET Engineering
Courtesy of Acqua Vitasnella

Project Info

Application: Functional Water
Company: Ferrarelle SpA
Brand: Le Linfe Vitasnella
Year: 2018
Size: 0.5L
Country: Italy

Project Description

Acqua Vitasnella, a brand belonging to Ferrarelle SpA has launched its Le Linfe range, three sugar-free and zero-calorie functional waters that combine the lightness of Vitasnella with the purifying qualities of aloe vera, the draining properties of birch sap and the hydrating benefits of coconut water.

Designed for those who pay a great deal of attention to their all-round health, with a particular focus on a female target audience, the Le Linfe range needed a product identity that was able to convey both the lightness of the water, a key value of AcquaVitasnella, and the functional benefit of each variant, remaining in line with the mother brand and its world of reference

In fact, the decoration on the Le Linfe packaging is taken from the iconic Acqua Vitasnella bottle: this artwork sinuously runs down the bottle, symbolising the water entering the body and excess liquids and toxins being eliminated.

This packaging therefore provides continuity in terms of appearance and meaning with AcquaVitasnella products, at the same time as defining Le Linfe as a product in its own right, with its own characteristics, which is highlighted by the bottle’s different yet equally as attractive shape. The bottle has a full-sleeve with a simple and effective iconographic style that highlights the plus points of each variant, clearly showing the main ingredient and its benefits.

Ferrarelle SpA entrusted PET Engineering to come up with the packaging design for Le Linfe, with regard to both the shape and graphics of the bottle, following the success of the other two packaging solutions that the company developed on behalf of this Italian group: Fonte Essenziale and Acqua Vitasnella.