Sohat: the premium side of water

Sohat by Nestlé Lebanon: the premium side of water
Sohat premium water

Project Info

Application: Water
Company: Nestlé Lebanon
Brand: Sohat
Year: 2019
Size: 0.33l - 0.5l - 1.0l
Country: Lebanon

Project Description

After having successfully worked during the last years with Nestlé in Italy for Levissima brand and recently having developed the new packaging for Mineré, Nestlé leading mineral water brand in Thailand, we were asked to work on the new bottle and label for Sohat, Nestlé premium mineral water brand in Lebanon.

For many years, Sohat has played an important role in spreading the culture of healthy drinking, through its unique purity, low mineral content and very fine composition. With the continued growth of the premium water segment, that aims to provide high quality bottled mineral water, and with a culture of wellbeing and balanced life making an even bigger increase, Sohat  teamed up with PET Engineering to design a new packaging with the scope of better matching the high price, as Sohat is the most expensive Lebanese water, and its visual identity to proceed with the premiumization journey started in 2017.

PET Engineering proposed a sleeker and easier to grab body to create a premium look & feel effect, enhanced by an embossing that underlines the origin of this water: an hidden source in a mountainous protected environment at 1710 meters from sea level, sheltered from any human activity. The label, with its silver touch, the thin pattern with waves and the cyan color, recalls the premiumness and purity of this water now available in the 0.33l, 0.5l and 1.0l formats. PET Engineering took care of the design, engineeringprototyping, mechanical performance checks, the supply of blow moulds and format change parts for all formats as well.