Fonte Essenziale. Wellbeing in two glasses

Fonte Essenziale. Wellbeing in two glasses

Project Info

Application: Still Water
Company: Ferrarelle
Brand: Fonte Essenziale
Year: 2015
Size: 0.5l - 1.0l
Country: Italy

Project Description


Ferrarelle‘s premium brand named after the company and its Vitasnella water are famous both in Italy and abroad and in March the company launched Fonte Essenziale a natural mineral water of thermal origin with beneficial hepatobiliary and intestinal properties.

With a top premium position, Fonte Essenziale is particularly well suited to liver health and purification, stimulating digestion and facilitating bowel movements. It is a highly specific health promoting water designed for individual rather than whole family use.


Such a distinctive market position, together with a somewhat unusual use pattern for water – limited to two glasses a day on an empty stomach before breakfast and at room temperature – required packaging capable of expressing the new product’s core values such as individualistic consumption and specific liver and intestine well-being and effective functioning uses and, at the same time, communicating its product category as a mineral water and thus its total purity and naturalness.

Despite a one litre format usually associated with outdoor consumption, Fonte Essenziale is a water to be drunk at home and in specific quantities. For this reason PET Engineering’s designers used an analysis of its use context – the kitchen – as their packaging design starting point together with the glasses which act as recipients and are also useful to ensuring a correct quantity of water as specified on the label.

Our designers were inspired by the simple geometric forms of tableware glasses and came up with packaging in essential, straightforward, totally decoration free forms. The use of a transparent preform which is thicker than the PET litre bottles currently on the market made for luminosity and transparency similar to that of the glass typically used for premium sector bottles.

The purity of the materials, the flat base, the thin label attached to the lower part of the bottle, with added creative look&feel elements designed by Life Comunicazione, express the values and ultra top quality feel of this unique water to perfection.