Erawan from Luxo Line: redefining premiumness

Erawan from Luxo Line: redefining premiumness
Erawan Luxo Line Drinktec

Project Info

Application: Still Water
Year: 2017
Size: 0.75l

Project Description

PET Engineering’s new Luxo line redefines the boundaries of “Premiumness” for the Horeca sector through new shapes, new finishes and LuxCap, a new PCO 1881 cap which is entirely customizable.

This line, created based on the extensive experience of our Packaging Innovators, has three different versions: FonteVita, Queen and Erawan with a 0.75l capacity. PET Engineering has already made a name for itself both in Italy and abroad having won two ‘Packaging Oscars’, two ‘World Star Awards’ and two ‘World Beverage Innovation Awards’ thanks to its elegantly designed, sophisticated PET bottles dedicated to the food service industry.

a 43g bottle with gentle and harmonious curves that bring to mind water flowing over the rocks of a stunning waterfall, overcap and a transparent label.