The latest news from Packaging Innovators

The latest news from Packaging Innovators

2017 – World Beverage Innovation Awards

World Beverage Innovation Award Best Bottle in PET FonteVita

On 14th September the annual World Beverage Innovation Awards took place at Drinktec in Germany as part of the 15th Beverage Awards. The judging panel considered 227 entries from 33 countries in 25 categories. “We are happy to celebrate the fifteenth year of the annual World Beverage Innovation Awards this year at Drinktec. Once again we are fascinated by the level of innovation that is shown within the entries. We see new flavours, new concepts, smart packaging designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and new ground gained towards a more responsible and sustainable beverage industry,” said FoodBev Media marketing director Isabel Sturgess. “World Beverage Innovation Awards really showcase some of the most ambitious new products and developments of the year, from a wide range of companies all over the world, both large and small. Keep an eye on the latest entries to spot the upcoming trends.”

PET Engineering received during the ceremony its third World Beverage Innovation Award in the category “Best Bottle in PET” for FonteVita, the new PET premium bottle developed in collaboration with Husky Injection Moulding Systems and LaBrenta.

FonteVita is part of PET Engineering’s new Luxo line that redefines the boundaries of “Premiumness” for the Horeca sector through new shapes, new finishes and LuxCap, a new PCO 1881 cap which is entirely customizable.

This line, created based on the extensive experience of our Packaging Innovators, has three different versions: FonteVita, Queen and Erawan with a 0.75l capacity. PET Engineering has already made a name for itself both in Italy and abroad having won two ‘Packaging Oscars’, two ‘World Star Awards’ and two ‘World Beverage Innovation Awards’ thanks to its elegantly designed, sophisticated PET bottles dedicated to the food service industry.

FonteVita is a a 39g bottle with a shade created using multilayer Husky technology, LuxCap developed in collaboration with Labrenta, and a shape that brings to mind a flower slowly blossoming.


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